Berglin MEC
Berglin MEC is a Manufacturing Engineering Company.
We design, develop, and  manufacture components,
mechanisms, machinery, complete process lines,
 and/or consumer-ready products for light
industry and OEM manufacturers.

 Our expertise is industrial manufacturing and metalworking.
  Our core competence is "designing  for manufacture".
We've been doing both for over 35 years.

We're kind'a high-tech but we like people.  We have an extensive list
of customers and contacts with whom we share an enthusiasm for technology and innovative processes.  Most stop by for some
 help on their way to "somewhere else".  We invite you to do
the same.  Give us a call when you're feeling innovative
about launching a new product or a new process.
We can help you "get there".

Scott Berglin
Senior Member, Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Affiliate, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

19410 Hwy-99  STE A #134
 Lynnwood WA 98036
(509) 886-5000 Main
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Sales and Support:

Solid Modeled Engineering
Product Design
Industrial Process Development
Molds, Dies, Patterns